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The table below provides a snapshot of current conditions at each tower location.  Wind variables are measured at 11 meters above the ground (36 meters at PJMT) and the atmospheric state variables (temperature, humidity, and pressure) are measured at 1.2 meters above the ground (2 meters at PJMT).

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Station Observations
Current Observations: English | Metric
Tower (tower)TA6TA41TA49TA53TA54
Date (mm/dd)04/2104/2104/2104/2104/21
Time (hhmm)13451345134513451345
Wind Speed (m/s)
Wind Direction (deg)25228829313245
Max Gust (m/s)
Max Gust Direction (deg)269203287152179
Time of Max Gust (hhmm)13301315133011001130
Temperature (deg-C)15.916.816.316.218.5
Max Temp Since Midnight (deg-C)18.417.718.217.618.8
Time of Max Temp (hhmm)13151045130013301315
Min Temp Since Midnight (deg-C)4.8-
Time of Min Temp (hhmm)400530545515515
Pressure (mb)772.2---796.0
Relative Humidity (%)17-161814
Dew Point Temperature (deg-C)-8.4--9.0-7.6-8.9
Precip Last 15 Minutes (mm)0.00-
Precip Since Midnight (mm)0.00-
Downwelling Shortwave (W/m^2)245222249201203
windchill (deg-C )14.6 16.8 15.0 15.8 18.5
NOTE:  All times are reported in Mountain Standard Time (MST).

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