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The Weather Machine
Various program documentation and selected meteorological analyses are provided in the tables below.  A more complete listing of program documentation can be found on our group's web page.
Meteorology Team Program Documentation
Quality Assurance Project Plan for the Meteorology Monitoring Project (QAPP) - Provides documentation on why the meteorological monitoring program exists and how the program fulfills its objectives.
Meteorology Monitoring at Los Alamos (LA-UR-14-23378) - Provides a detailed description of the meteorological monitoring program, including measurements made, tower locations, data management, and data accessibility.

Selected Meteorological Analyses
Los Alamos Climatology (LA-11735-MS) - A detailed climatology of Los Alamos using meteorology data from late 1910 and continuing into 1989.  Provides climate normals and extremes as well as discussion of local weather phenomena.
Los Alamos Climatology Summary : Including Latest Normals from 1961-1990 (LA-12232-MS) - An update to Los Alamos normals and extremes using a 30-year dataset from 1961 to 1990.
Precipitation-frequency Relations on the Parjarito Plateau and in the Eastern Jemez Mountains, New Mexico, and Examples of Extreme or Flood-producing Storms (LA-UR-03-6484) - A detailed analysis of precipitation-frequency on the Pajarito Plateau and Eastern Jemez Mountains, including seasonal distribution of maximum annual precipitation events for different durations and estimates of return periods for select historic storms.
An Analysis of Precipitation Occurrences in Los Alamos, New Mexico, for Long-term Predictions of Waste Repository Behavior (LA-11459-MS) - Provides an analysis of precipitation patterns in Los Alamos as a means for predicting long-term precipitation occurrences.

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