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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

Met Tower
LANL TA-54 Met Tower, NM
2/25/2004Ed LopezThe gamma spikes recorded on the Area G NEWNET Stations, on February 22 and 24, 2004, were caused by snow and rainfall on those dates.Station InfoData Graph
6/27/2003Allen TreadawayA calibration of the gamma sensor (PIC) was performed 6/27/03 at about 09:45 MDT.Station InfoData Graph
10/9/2002April BaldonadoOn October 8, 2002 Kevin Anderson did some calibration checks on the Newnet stations. He put the source on at 1655z and removed it at 1717z.Station InfoData Graph
9/12/2002Allen TreadawayBriefly powered down the station (at 09:15 MST) to replace the relative humidity sensor (RH sensor). It has been reading 150 % during rainstorms.Station InfoData Graph
6/14/2002Allen TreadawayThe spike on 6/11/02 was due to voltage measurements being taken to verify temperature wiring and for comparison with readings at the Kappa station. Power was not turned off and I assume by touching the terminals with the test equipment, a surge was caused. Station InfoData Graph
4/24/2002Allen TreadawayThis station is operational again. The older datalogger and duplicate sensors were removed, a new power supply regulator was added and the wiring cleaned up. There was some logging of data that did not get entered due to errors in the database. It is being looked at.Station InfoData Graph
4/18/2002Allen TreadawayThe station will be powered down so that it may be reconfigured. This station was earlier used as a test setup with multiple sensors and will now be configured to match all other stations in the network.Station InfoData Graph
11/14/2001April BaldonadoAllen Treadaway and Kevin Anderson powered down the station to add wind speed and wind direction sensors. After data had been gathered for a couple of hours, we noticed that the graph wasn't correct. At 15:00 MST (22:00 Z) Dan Young, ESH-17, was notified and properly configured the table to update the graph with the correct gamma data; (the incorrect numbers are actually the wind speed). Also, from 1915Z November 14 to 2230 November 15, the wind direction data must be multiplied by 10. After 2230 November 15, all data appear to be correct.Station InfoData Graph
10/30/2001D YoungOn October 30, 2001 at 2100Z Dan Young corrected the standard daylight time adjustment that happened at 0400z, October 28, 2001. This accounts for the multiple data entrys from October 28 to October 30. Station InfoData Graph
10/10/2001April BaldonadoOn October 10, 2001 Kevin Anderson did a recalibration check to be sure to pick up a complete 15 minute average. He used the same source that was used on 10/9/01. He placed the source at 1625z and removed it at 1655z.Station InfoData Graph
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