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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

East Gate New
LANL East Gate, NM
3/22/2004Mike McNaughtonThe 21.85 microR/h spike at 02:00 GMT on 3/22/2004, and the other peaks (typically 19 microR/h) since March 9 are the result of LANSCE emiisions.Station InfoData Graph
3/9/2004Mike McNaughtonThe 19 micro-R/h gamma peaks on March 9 and 10 result from LANSCE emissions.Station InfoData Graph
6/26/2003Allen TreadawayA calibration of the gamma sensor (PIC) was performed 6/26/03 at about 14:30 MDT. Station InfoData Graph
5/28/2003Mike McNaughtonThe 101.5 microR/h spike at 08:15 GMT May 28 does not coincide with a high gamma reading at the adjacent "East Gate Old" station, so I conclude the 101.5 reading was caused by electronic noise. This happened previously at this station on October 7, 2002.Station InfoData Graph
5/27/2003D YoungThunderstorms over the Memorial day weekend had shutdown the Gamma detector. The Detector was reset at approximately 2000 GMT, and appears to be functioning correctly.Station InfoData Graph
3/31/2003Allen TreadawayThe gamma display box model 1013) failed at about 03:15 UTC on 03/31/03 which caused the gamma readings to drop to near zero. The model 1013 display box was repaired and the station became operational again at about 17:45 UTC. Station InfoData Graph
3/6/2003Allen TreadawayThis station has been returned to a normal status. Qwest has repaired the phone line and all stored data is being retreived and plotted.Station InfoData Graph
3/3/2003Allen TreadawayThis station is down for repairs. The phone line and modem communications has been lost. Data has not been received since 03/01/03 at 02:45 UTC. Qwest has been notified to begin repairs but unsure how long this will take. Station InfoData Graph
10/25/2002Mike McNaughtonThe dose rates of 20.1, 26.4, and 19.7 microR/h at 2015, 2030, and 2045 Z October 24 were from the calibration source on the adjacent East-Gate-Old station.Station InfoData Graph
10/22/2002April BaldonadoAt 1625Z Kevin Anderson put a calibration source on the gamma detector to perform a calibration test. Source will be removed at 1650Z.Station InfoData Graph
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