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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

Buey East
LANL Buey East, NM
6/27/2003Allen TreadawayA calibartion of the gamma sensor (PIC)was performed 6/27/03 at about 09:15 MDT.Station InfoData Graph
12/16/2002Allen TreadawayAt about 23:00Z, a new correction factor for the most recent calibrations of the PIC (pressurized ion chamber) gamma detector was entered into the software program. This correction factor will cause the PIC readings to be slightly larger (about 7.1% higher than in the past)Station InfoData Graph
10/9/2002April BaldonadoOn October 8, 2002 Kevin Anderson did some calibration checks on the Newnet stations. He put the source on at 1725z and removed it at 1747z.Station InfoData Graph
5/14/2002Allen TreadawayThe wind speed and wind direction sensors were changed out. The 12 Vdc power was shut off at about 15:15 Zulu time to do this work. There was a small dip in the gamma readings when power was restored. All of the sensors and system components are working properly.Station InfoData Graph
5/14/2002Allen TreadawayThe wind speed/wind direction sensors will be replaced again. The current set was replaced last week but appear not to be working correctly. Station InfoData Graph
5/9/2002Allen TreadawayThe station has been upgraded and is collecting data. It seems likely though that the wind direction sensor is not responding correctly and will need to be changed once more. It is also likely that there are problems with the relative humidity and wind speed sensors, although not sure at this time. We will watch the system and data and respond as necessary to correct any problems associated with those sensors. The gamma, barometric pressure, and temperature sensors are reading correctly.Station InfoData Graph
5/7/2002Allen TreadawayShutting down this station for upgrades to the datalogging and communications equipment. Sensors will replaced as necessary and the satellite communications system will be replaced with spread spectrum RF and phone modem. This may take a couple of days. Station InfoData Graph
4/8/2002April BaldonadoThe gamma spike on March 23, 2002 was unknown.Station InfoData Graph
3/12/2002April BaldonadoThe gamma spike on March 11th was caused by common noise sources.Station InfoData Graph
3/12/2002April BaldonadoThe gamma spike on January 31, 2002 was unknown.Station InfoData Graph
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