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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

Barrow, AK
11/1/2001Stan ReadStation restarted 20:30 on 10/31/01. Station had gone down because the AC power had been shut down for a period of time and not enough solar power to keep it going. Could not discern reason for power shut down but Barrow building maintenance personnel have been made aware of continuous power needs in winter. Will monitor closely.Station InfoData Graph
8/16/2001Stan ReadSensor rotations performed on the station 8/14/01 1900 to 8/15/01 0100 by Loda Griffeth, Adrianne Orr and Stan Read. Installed 300 volt battery (344 volts). Rusted locks replaced.Station InfoData Graph
4/10/2001Connon OdomToday's 0639Z transmission was not received.Station InfoData Graph
3/8/2001Stan ReadTower lowered and anemometer cups replaced 20:00 UTC on 7-Mar-2001. Wind speeds are now probably correct. Wind chill during replacement calculated as -55F!Station InfoData Graph
2/1/2001Connon OdomToday's 0639Z transmission was not received.Station InfoData Graph
1/10/2001Connon OdomToday's 0239Z transmission was not recieved.Station InfoData Graph
1/9/2001Connon OdomThis station appears to have transmitter / connector / antenna problems (possibly due to snow and ice). By 7 Jan the reflected power had risen to 31 dBm and the EIRP had fallen to 32 W/Sr. The 0639 and 1839Z transmissions were not received. The 1439Z transmission contained 20 NESS Binary errors.The 1224, 1329 and 1354Z Gamma radiation values are invalid. The 0239 and 0639Z transmissions on 8 Jan were not received. The reflected power dropped to 0 bBm and the EIRP returned to normal (about 47 W/Sr). The rest of the transmissions and data for 8 Jan were normal. The 0239 and 1039Z transmissions on 9 Jan were not received.Station InfoData Graph
12/4/2000Connon OdomThe reflected power increased suddenly on 30 Nov and has risen to 33 dBm. Transmissions were not received from 0239Z on 3 Dec to 0239Z on 4 Dec. The most likely cause is ice on the antenna or in the connector(s).Station InfoData Graph
11/20/2000Stan ReadThe antennae was found to be entirely encased in about 2 to 3 inches of frost by Dave Ramey, Barrow. There was also frost in the antennae connector. He removed the frost and the station is transmitting with low reflected power again.Station InfoData Graph
11/18/2000Connon OdomThe 0639 and 1039Z transmissions were not received and the 1839Z transmission was incomplete on 17 Nov. The reflected power has risen to 32 dBm and the EIRP has fallen as low as 33 W/Sr. This indicates that there is a problem with the transmitter / connectors / antenna. Most likely moisture has worked its way into a connector and iced up.Station InfoData Graph
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