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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
3/18/1999Ken Gilesgamma spike and barograph data drop on 14 march 1999 are result common system error. Gamma readings of 119.1 on 15 march 1999 are from EPA personal doing source checks. Station InfoData Graph
3/11/1999Ken GilesGamma readings on march 2,1999 of 87.6uR and on march 10,1999 of 129.5uR were from source checks preformed by EPA personal doing routine maintance on equiomentStation InfoData Graph
9/29/1998Ken GilesTHE 10FT. MET. TOWER WAS REPLACED WITH A 20FT. TOWER.Station InfoData Graph
8/19/1998Larry SandersThe large gamma spike on August 18 was caused by changing the 300volt battery on the PIC. The battery was reading 282volts.Station InfoData Graph
8/18/1998Larry SandersThe station was loaded with NEWNET version R35 software today at 00:11Z. This software provides improved accuracy for radiation measurements in the low range. The station was re-wired with a door sensor and new voltage divider for the radiation sensor. A new 12volt battery was installed. The radiation sensor was recently calibrated at the factory by Reuter-Stokes (received 3 weeks ago). The relative humidity sensor appears to be working correctly at the station, but data processing software for this sensor at Los Alamos is in error. Software engineers at Los Alamos are working on the problem. The rain gage will be checked tomorrow, all other sensors are working normally.Station InfoData Graph
3/23/1998Herb MaunuMeasurements displayed on Mar. 18 (julian day(077)) at 09:27hrs (PST) and 09:42 hrs (PST)are QA check source measurements for gamma detector operation and system performance. We are evaluating the humidity sensors and software programs to correct the current problems with the unit.Station InfoData Graph
3/16/1998Herb MaunuHigh radiation measurements displayed on Tuesday March 11 (day 070) were caused by a radioactive check source used for QA control. Humidity measurements showing 9999.9 indicates a problem and wille corrected.Station InfoData Graph
3/4/1998Herb MaunuListed below are QA radioactive check source measurements for quality control on gamma data and system performance. epa/hkm Mar. 04 09:42 hrs (PST) 78.3 uR/hr Mar. 04 09:57 hrs " 113.0 " Mar. 04 10:12 hrs " 113.0 "Station InfoData Graph
2/14/1998Herb MaunuListed below are measurements exceeding the location normal background (8.0 uR/hr - 10.0 uR/hr) caused by either weather, equipment malfunction, or QA radioactive check source: Feb. 02 15:12 hrs (PST} 14.6 uR/hr - noisy xmit signal Feb. 05 10:27 hrs " 29.2 " - QA radioactive check src Feb. 05 10:42 hrs " 114.4 " - " " " " Feb. 05 10:57 hrs " 65.3 " - " " " " Feb. 11 11:27 hrs " 72.5 " - " " " "Feb. 07 02:27 hrs (PST) 125.0 uR/hr - gamma detector problem Feb. 07 08:12 hrs " 127.0 " - " " " Feb. 07 08:27 hrs " 356.0 " - " " "Feb. 07 08:42 hrs " 360.0 " - " " "Feb. 12 07:57 hrs " 15.5 " - noisy xmit signal NOTE: The gamma detector was replaced on Friday Feb. 13th at 13:40 hrs. Data logger was reprogramed and other instruments were checked for problems. System operation diagnosed normal status.Station InfoData Graph
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