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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

Seward, AK
12/19/2002 Stan arranged for a new storage battery. No wind or sun to recharge it again (feast or famine in Seward!) Happy Holidays to you all, DaveStation InfoData Graph
12/4/2002 The Stay Spreader has been repaired. 300 Vdc battery is OK A new storage battery is "in the works". Still almost no wind and no sun ..... Cheers, Dave LeechStation InfoData Graph
11/25/2002 Problem started with 1) NO SUN and 2) NO WIND ! Battery recharged Restarted and on Friday night, 22-23 Nov. we had such a storm that the wind turbine was making so much noise ('fluttering' the manufacturor calls it)that the local police were notified. At the same time the gieger counter stopped working so I am hoping that my resarting it today will be sufficient. Note: I have not checked the 300vdc battery and another mast stay has broken which I have not yet fixed.... Cheers, Dave LeechStation InfoData Graph
12/21/2001 No wind or sun to charge that old battery. I see that it was down to eleven point one at the time the Gamma count dropped to two. On opening the gamma window was "locked up". Reset and am crossing my fingers that that does it as the weather has turned just horrible, even by Seward standards. Oh, and the little padlock is not in great shape and will not disgorge the key..... Cheers, LeechStation InfoData Graph
8/11/2001 Wind Vane s/n X1325 removed and replaced with s/n W1870. A nice sunny day in Seward. Note that Alder 'weeds' have grown high enough to block the photo voltaic cells. I will bring in a set of loppers and clear them out. All else looks fine.Station InfoData Graph
7/6/2001Larry SandersDavid Leech and others from DEC and UAF replaced sensors with freshly calibrated sensors on July 5. PIC battery voltage = 340v. Wind speed measurements are within 3kts of measurements made from the Alpha Helix while docked. Placed insulation between tower frame and Gamma counter later this afternoon, to eliminate a -3 millivolt offset.Gamma counter switch was set to 'Zero' during this time but I don't know why the other sensors show spikes. DaveStation InfoData Graph
5/1/2001Connon OdomThe cause of the 15.3 µR/Hr Gamma radiation spike at 23:22Z on 29 Apr is unknown.Station InfoData Graph
4/16/2001Connon OdomToday's 0507Z transmissison was not received.Station InfoData Graph
4/9/2001Connon OdomTransmissions from 2107Z on 7 Apr to 1307Z on 9 Apr were incomplete. Most of the RelHum data was not received during this time.Station InfoData Graph
4/2/2001Connon OdomThe Gamma display locked up 0522Z on 30 Mar. It was reset at about 0340Z on 1 Apr.Station InfoData Graph
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