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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

LANL TA-73-12, NM
7/6/2007Mike McNaughtonThe spike at DP West at 6:30 GMT is a calibration.Station InfoData Graph
1/26/2007Mike McNaughtonThe gamma signal wires were not connected so the gamma data have not been correct since the station was moved in April, 2006. At 23:00 UTC, the connectors were grounded so the gamma reading should be zero from now until we procure and install the correct voltage dividers.Station InfoData Graph
8/11/2003Allen TreadawayA spike, reading 31.8 /hr, occurred on 8/05/03 at approximately 09:30 MDT. There is was no readily apparent cause for this spike and it is still being investigated.Station InfoData Graph
7/22/2003Allen TreadawayThe power was restored on 7/21/03 pm and the phone modem was repaired by Qwest on 7/22/03 at about 1600 Z. Some data was restored to the database but not all. During the time the power was low, some data was lost.Station InfoData Graph
7/22/2003D YoungAt approximatly 19:30 Z on 7/16/03 the DP station went down due to power loss and a phone line that has failed.Station InfoData Graph
6/26/2003Allen TreadawayCalibration was performed on the gamma sensor (PIC) at about 10:45 MDT.Station InfoData Graph
12/16/2002Allen TreadawayAt about 23:00Z, a new correction factor for the most recent PIC (pressurized ion chamber) calibration was entered into the software program. This will cause the gamma detector readings to slightly increase by about 7.6%Station InfoData Graph
11/20/2002 At about 14:00Z on 11/12/2002, the 12 Vdc battery was found to be reading only about 9.8 Vdc. Upon further inspection at the station, it was found that the AC power recepticle breaker was tripped off. After a reset, the charging of the battery began and voltages quickly came back to the normal 12-13Vdc range. When this happened the pressure sensor began reading normal once more and it appeared as a rapid rise on the data graph at about 19:15-19:45Z on 11/12/2002. Station InfoData Graph
11/1/2002Mike McNaughtonThe 247.5 microR/h reading at 16:30 Z October 31 was caused by a calibration source.Station InfoData Graph
10/22/2002D YoungAt 15:55Z Kevin Anderson put a calibration source on the gamma detector to perform a calibration test. Source will be removed at 16:15Z.Station InfoData Graph
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