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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

SciSo Incorporated, Albuquerque, NM
12/3/1998Connon OdomThis station began exhibiting BaroP and RelHum abnormalaties about 11 Oct. Normal sensor rotation and maintenance was not performed at this time pending a relocation by the CRMG siting committee. In Nov the 12V battery voltage dropped, resulting in incomplete and/or missing transmissions and numerous NESS Binary and "data out of range" errors. The station will be turned off and returned to LANL today. The CRMG siting committee is close to determining a new location for the station in the near future.Station InfoData Graph
9/15/1998Dane KnowltonThe station was restarted at 1857Z today after troubleshooting the DCP. There were no apparent problems found. The barometric pressure sensor was re-wired for the V35 4 wire differential configuration. All checks were good after programming.Station InfoData Graph
9/15/1998Connon OdomHas not transmitted since 2108Z on 11 Sept.Station InfoData Graph
9/11/1998Dane KnowltonThe station was reprogrammed with .V35 software and the .V35 hardware configuration was confirmed. The in-line fuse holders were replaced with the 12V HD blade type fuse holders. A new 12V "SunLyte 5000" absolyte battery was also installed. The station was restarted @2152Z.Station InfoData Graph
9/8/1998Connon OdomThere have many missed transmissions every day since 0108Z on 5 Sept. The 12 Vdc battery voltage had been dropping during the day on 4 Sept.Station InfoData Graph
8/17/1998Connon OdomThe small Gamma radiation spike today at 06:23Z is coincident with spikes in the BaroP and RelHum data, indicating a common system noise source.Station InfoData Graph
8/6/1998Connon OdomDuring 10 to 14 and 27 to 31 July, the RelHum data had numerous values that were out of range on the low side for unknown reasons. (CRO)Station InfoData Graph
7/24/1998Connon OdomSeveral data transmissions were lost on all stations on 16 and 17 July as a result of a thunderstorm induced power outage. The 835.9 mBar BaroP value on 22 July at 10:23Z is invalid due to improper encoding. (CRO)Station InfoData Graph
7/15/1998Connon OdomThe BaroP and RelHum data are becoming noisy. (CRO)Station InfoData Graph
7/10/1998Connon OdomRelHum data is going off scale on the high side. (CRO)Station InfoData Graph
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