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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

Santa Fe
Santa Fe, NM
1/23/2003Allen TreadawayThe station was visited on 1/23/2003 at about 17:30Z (10:30 MST) so that the hardware and software could be checked. The temperature sensor has had problems for some time and yesterday the gamma sensor was reset in order to get it functioning again. A reload of the program was initiated and all voltages were checked. All appear to be functioning correctly at this time. At the next satellite transmission, we will confirm the repairs. Station InfoData Graph
1/11/2003Mike McNaughtonThe gamma sensor failed on December 3, 2002.Station InfoData Graph
10/22/2002April BaldonadoAt 1842Z Kevin Anderson put a calibration source on the gamma detector to perform a calibration test. Source will be removed at 1905z.Station InfoData Graph
8/14/2002Allen TreadawayA new solar panel was wired in parallel with the existing one and a new battery was installed to see if the power problem could be solved. The program was reloaded at about 17:30Z and a test of all the sensors indicated the station was working properly. The power problem will continue to be monitored and evaluated.Station InfoData Graph
2/27/2002Mike McNaughtonThe gamma data from 13:29 to 15:14 Z, February 27, are incorrect. They are all missing a bit. For example, the 13:29 number is encoded 7F7C6A whereas it should be 7F7D6A; and the 15:14 number is encoded 7F7C61 whereas it should be 7F7D61.Station InfoData Graph
2/24/2002Mike McNaughtonThe gamma data from 01:14 to 05:14 Z on February 23, 2001 (208.1 mR/h) are incorrect. They are the result of a bad satellite transmission at 05:14 Z.Station InfoData Graph
2/6/2002April BaldonadoAt approximately 1630z the station will be shut down for maintenance and repair.Station InfoData Graph
1/31/2002Mike McNaughtonThe gamma peak from 00:14 to 03:59 Z on January 31 was caused by snow fall.Station InfoData Graph
1/25/2002Mike McNaughtonThe January-24 data are a result of low power associated with the cold weather. This is similar to the problems on January 14 and January 18.Station InfoData Graph
1/18/2002Mike McNaughtonThe data of January 18, 2002, contain numerous errors. It is likely that the electronics are affected by the cold. It is possible that the January-14 data were also affected by the same problem.Station InfoData Graph
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