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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

San Ildefonso
San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM
10/25/2002April BaldonadoAt 1925Z Kevin Anderson put a calibration source on the gamma detector to perform a calibration test. Source will be removed at 1950Z.Station InfoData Graph
9/16/2002Allen TreadawayThis station will be shutdown to move it to a new location and for upgrades and maintenance.Station InfoData Graph
6/15/2002Mike McNaughtonThe peak in the gamma data near 2300 June 14 to 0100 June 15 was a result of rain.Station InfoData Graph
10/11/2001April BaldonadoKevin Anderson and Terrance Garcia went to the San Ildefonso station to do a calibration check using a 18.3 micro curie cesium 137 source. They put the source on the gamma detector at 1705z and removed it at 1735z.Station InfoData Graph
8/31/2001April BaldonadoAlmost all stations received bad data from about 0900 to 1300z, August 30, 2001. As a result there are spikes on many graphs; for some stations, the graphs look normal but there are rows of **** in the data listings and a number of errors (Errs) in the header listings.Station InfoData Graph
7/27/2001Terrence Garcia1530Z Allen Treadaway, Terrence Garcia and Kevin Anderson changed out all the sensors (wind speed and direction, relative humidity, barometric pressure, temperature and gamma radiation detector). Sensor voltages tested okay. The solar panel voltage read 14.5 volts, battery voltage read 13.7 volts, source voltage read 13.6 volts, 1.5 voltage okay, 5.0 voltage okay. The station was restarted and reprogrammed at 1655zStation InfoData Graph
3/20/2001Connon OdomThe 24.1 µR/Hr Gamma radiation spike at 1206Z on 20 Mar was coincident with spikes in the BaroP, RelHum, and Door data, indicating a common system noise source.Station InfoData Graph
1/31/2001Connon OdomThe elevated Gamma radiation levels on 25 and 27 Jan were caused by snowfall.Station InfoData Graph
1/9/2001Connon OdomToday's 0521 and 1721Z transmissions were not received.Station InfoData Graph
1/8/2001Connon OdomThe 0121 and 1321Z transmissions on 6 Jan were not received.Station InfoData Graph
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