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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

Point Hope
Point Hope, AK
5/31/2001Connon OdomStation stopped transmitting at 1311Z on 30 May.Station InfoData Graph
5/24/2001Connon OdomThe 7.7 µR/Hr Gamma radiation spike at 2256Z on 23 May is of unknown origin.Station InfoData Graph
5/7/2001Stan ReadCorrection to previous comment. The station was restarted on May 3.Station InfoData Graph
5/7/2001Stan ReadThe station was powered down and restarted May 1, 2001 by Carol Linkswiler of ADEC. It restarted with the correct broadcast time (01:12:06) but subsequent broadcasts have been at XX:11:37 for an unknown reason.Station InfoData Graph
3/14/2001Connon OdomThe DCP locked up on 13 Mar. The station is transmitting flatline "zero" data on all channels.Station InfoData Graph
2/21/2001Connon OdomThe Gamma radiation reading abruptly returned to normal (5 µR/Hr) at 0642Z on 19 Feb. The reading had jumped to 50 µR/Hr on 24 Jan.Station InfoData Graph
1/25/2001Connon OdomThe Gamma radiation reading abruptly jumped from 5 µR/Hr to 50 µR/Hr at 2354Z on 24 Jan.Station InfoData Graph
1/16/2001Connon OdomThe 0512Z transmission on 13 Jan 01 was not received.Station InfoData Graph
1/12/2001Connon OdomToday's 0112Z tranmsission was not received. beginning with the 0512Z transmission only Gamma radiation and BaroP data are valid. Today's 40.0 µR/Hr Gamma radiation spike at 1927Z is invalid. It was caused by a rare type of data conversion error. The data value was transmitted as positive (high range) instead of negative (low range). Station InfoData Graph
1/8/2001Connon OdomToday's 0112Z transmission was not received.Station InfoData Graph
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