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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

Espanola, Northern New Mexico College, NM
2/2/2004Mike McNaughtonThe gamma peak at 13:00 GMT on February 1 was caused by precipitation, which sweeps naturally occurring radon decay products from the troposhere to the ground.Station InfoData Graph
7/9/2003Allen TreadawayThe gamma sensor was calibrated on 7/08/03 at about 20:30 GMT. After looking at the data from this calibration, it appears that the test may need to be repeated due to it being split between two transmissions.Station InfoData Graph
10/22/2002April BaldonadoAt 2010Z Kevin Anderson put a calibration source on the gamma detector to perform a calibration test. Source will be removed at 2035Z.Station InfoData Graph
7/29/2002Mike McNaughtonThe 17.7 microR/h gamma peak at 04:00 Z 26-July-2002 was caused by rain.Station InfoData Graph
6/15/2002Mike McNaughtonThe peak in the gamma data near 2300 June 14 to 0100 June 15 resulted from rain.Station InfoData Graph
3/22/2002Allen TreadawayThis station is up and working properly now. The HPIC was changed last week during sensor rotations and upgrades, so it is necessary to source check this HPIC. Kevin Anderson will begin the test this afternoon. Station InfoData Graph
3/20/2002Kevin AndersonAt approximately 0900 to 0930 MST, 1600 to 1630 Z the barometric pressure sensor was being replaced. It was done with the station not powered down which resulted a large spike. With the new sensor, there is an approximate increase in readings of 10 mBars. This is due to the new sensor being more accurate for altitude in Espanola.Station InfoData Graph
3/12/2002Allen TreadawayThe station was powered up with new datalogging equipment on Monday, 03/11/2002, and is working properly. Spread spectrum radio is being used to get the data from the data collection platform to the office of Albert Amador, Station Manager, in the NNMCC gymn annex. From there, the data is transferred by phone modem to LANL web servers every 4 hours. Station InfoData Graph
3/5/2002April BaldonadoThe station will be shut down due to upgrading to the new Campbell equipment. It will be down until done upgrading.Station InfoData Graph
3/5/2002Koranne Ostic RandowThe NEWNET station will be turned off for maintenance.Station InfoData Graph
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