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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

S-Site, DX-7 Display
7/3/2003Mike McNaughtonThe spikes on July 1-3 were caused by soil-density guages used by construction workers.Station InfoData Graph
6/25/2003Allen TreadawayThe gamma PIC was calibrated at about 20:15-20:30 hrs Z on 6/15/03 using the Cs-137 source # 812-44-1 which resulted in the spike seen.Station InfoData Graph
12/2/2002Mike McNaughtonThe increased gamma rate at about 16:45 Z December 1 was caused by a mixture of rain and snow. A similar increase was observed at the Los Alamos High School.Station InfoData Graph
10/11/2002April BaldonadoOn October 8, 2002 Kevin Anderson did a calibration check on the Newnet stations. He put the source on at 2111z and removed it at 2132z. Rueter stokes display is stuck on 15.3 micro curies.Station InfoData Graph
7/22/2002Mike McNaughtonThe gamma peak at about 1300 Z July 22 was caused by rain.Station InfoData Graph
3/20/2002Kevin AndersonThe increase in barometric pressure is due to a correction of the calculation in the Campbell Datalogger program.Station InfoData Graph
2/15/2002Mike McNaughtonThe gamma readings about 17 to 18 microR/h from 04:15 to 06:00 Z February 15 were caused by snow fall.Station InfoData Graph
2/6/2002Allen TreadawayOn Monday, Feb 04, 2002, this station was shutdown in preparation for moving it to outside the security area at TA-16. Work began on removing components to lighten the load for movement. This work continued throughout Tuesday, and the base of the station was moved to a point north of the S-site cafeteria, near the pedestrian badge entrance. The tower (mast) section withthe wind speed/wind direction was removed and will not be used at this new location. Small modifications need to be made to the structure, recalibrated met sensors and the Campbell datalogger will be installed, and a phone modem will be used for communications. Additionally, we will use 120 VAC to power the station and recharge the battery. We anticipate having this station collecting data again on Thursday, 2-07-2002.Station InfoData Graph
1/29/2002April BaldonadoThe gamma spikes that occurred on the 4th and 5th of January were caused by common noise sources.Station InfoData Graph
12/11/2001April BaldonadoThe gamma spike that occurred on the 20th of November was caused by common noise sources.Station InfoData Graph
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