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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

Area G North
LANL Area G North, NM
9/17/1998Connon OdomThere was an abrupt shift in the background Gamma radiation level from 21.5 µR/Hr to 20 µR/Hr when the station was moved yesterday at about 2000Z.Station InfoData Graph
9/4/1998Connon OdomThe 49 and 23.7 µR/Hr Gamma radiation values today at 1004 and 1019Z are invalid due to NESS Binary coding errors.Station InfoData Graph
8/26/1998Connon OdomThe 405 µR/Hr Gamma radiation spike on 23 Aug at 15:04Z is invalid because of a NESS Binary error.Station InfoData Graph
8/14/1998Connon OdomReprogrammed & restarted today at 21:30z.Station InfoData Graph
8/14/1998Connon OdomStopped collecting data at 18:34 MDT on 13 Aug (98/226 00:34Z) during a violent lightning & rain storm. Still transmitting, but no data except for random noise spikes.Station InfoData Graph
8/14/1998Connon OdomThe simultaneous Gamma radiation & BaroP spikes on 13 Aug at 08:49Z were probably caused by a common system noise source. The causes of the spikes in the BaroP data on 13 Aug at 12:04Z & 12:49Z are unknown.Station InfoData Graph
7/23/1998Connon OdomSeveral data transmissions were lost on all stations on 16 and 17 July as a result of a thunderstorm induced power outage. When operations were restored, this station had locked up and was not transmitting data. The station was reprogrammed and restarted yesterday at 15:15Z. The 300V PIC battery was found to be low and was replaced prior to the restart. The failing PIC battery is the probable cause of the recent spikes in the Gamma radiation data. (CRO)Station InfoData Graph
7/21/1998 Has not transmitted since 16 July at 17:04Z.Station InfoData Graph
7/15/1998 Recent Gamma radiation spikes (below) are of unknown origin: 10 July 13:49Z 29.6 microR/Hr 11 July 12:19Z 25.4 microR/Hr 11 July 13:19Z 28.5 microR/Hr 11 July 14:19Z 53.2 microR/Hr 13 July 08:49Z 53.8 microR/HrStation InfoData Graph
7/10/1998Connon OdomThe 677.3 mBar BaroP value on 8 July at 17:19Z is invalid. The received value for this data point was a "0". (CRO)Station InfoData Graph
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